Format of Abstract

Each abstract should be:

  • written in English
  • be limited to one page (fewer than 500 words) in length, including title, author(s) and affiliation(s)

Abstracts should be clear and concise with objectives, methods, results, and conclusions. First authors can submit one abstract for the oral presentations and one abstract for the poster sessions, but they can be listed as co-authors. When writing the abstract, we strongly recommend:

  • plain text
  • single line-spacing
  • Arial font
  • Font size 11
  • the title should be in capital letters
  • author(s) on one line and affiliations on a separate line, then a blank line before the text begins
  • e-mail (corresponding author)

Abstract submission

The deadline for abstract submission is February 3rd, but we encourage participants to submit their abstracts as soon as possible.

Please prepare your abstract (for both oral and poster presentations) according to Abstract

Submit your abstract

Poster and oral presentations

Oral presentation: 15 minutes of oral presentation (in english) and 5 minutes discussion. Presentations must be in PowerPoint (PC) or pdf format.
Poster presentation: 5 minutes presentation in turn to the audience in front of your poster during the poster session. Poster size : 90 x 120 cm.
Poster must be in english.

Poster presentation
Oral presentation

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